holding service
with Norma
reach & release


Over the past 18 years Norma has developed a strong reaching and holding capacity.  She naturally offers a safely held space for people in any state of need; From being cuddled and comforted to releasing primal rage.

Here are some of the ways she can support you:

  • I can follow your attention and help you to discover what your full YES can feel like.

  • Support you in feeling your essence, finding your frequency and core alignment.

  • Being a mother of 2, I can hold solid, nurturing, neutral and safe feminine/mother.

  • I can offer the template of protection and how an aligned/ideal parent would do that for you.

  • If you need to fully express and release anger in a safely held space.

  • When you are feeling need or overwhelm and you want to reach to a skilled practitioner

  • I have also done shamanic healing and soul retrievals during these sessions when it has come up for my clients.

She offers 2 hour sessions in her studio space.


​You can schedule a session with Norma by contacting her directly at 510-769-5122 (text) or                 norma@resonantcorewisdom.com

There are many ways to reach for support and comfort. 

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being held, I can just sit with you.  We can also schedule a session virtually over Zoom.  These are powerful, healing and you can reach from the comfort of your own home. 

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