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By Appointment Only

a strictly non-sexual practice


Norma usually has a waiting list so she does not offer same day appointments.   If you are having real trouble, she has colleagues she recommends on her resources page.

Also, Norma does not provide traditional Swedish massage. Please check her Resources page for people she recommends.

body tune-up

with norma ramos-ott
body work & manual therapy


Norma has been a body worker and a manual therapist for over 28 years. Her work focuses on realigning human bodies and making healthy people feel whole.

"I have been working on people since 1993 and I love this field of work.  It is amazing to be able to help people who believe that they have exhausted all of their resources.  When someone is in pain and they walk out of my office not in pain, it is truly fulfilling."

Norma uses a variety of modalities including but not limited to myofascial release, muscle placement, cranial sacral therapy, lymphatic draining, body balancing and somatic energy work.


Her clients seek her out for:

  • Fixing new and old injuries from car accidents, falls, joints restriction, repetitive stress, tendonitis and post labor and delivery.

  • Relieving chronic pain and repetitive stress

  • Urgent care for car accidents and falls.

  • Releasing emotions and somatic traumas.

  • Expanding the functionality of the body to increase freedom of movement.

  • Rebirthing people through somatic work to support them in healing their old injuries and traumas (e.g. healing birth trauma).

She works in her sacredly held, quiet space at her office in Richmond, Ca.  She offers  60 or 90 minute sessions. 


To schedule a bodywork session with Norma, you can contact Norma directly at 510-769-5122 (text) or email her at

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