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A Rental Space in San Pablo
Small  Workshops    Meetings



The Studio is a space in San Pablo, Ca, where Norma holds her classes and her private practice.  When she isn't using it, she rents it to friends and their referrals.  It is perfect for those times when you need a neutral space to hold a meeting or gathering when your places are too small to accommodate your numbers.  The space is conveniently located, beautiful, sacredly held and it is very affordable for all types of events:

  • Small intimate classes and workshops (under 20)

  • Business meetings and presentations

  • Private gatherings & socials

  • Private, intimate ceremonies

  • Ongoing weekly or monthly meetings ( just ask about available evenings)

  • And much more




To be given when you call and speak with Norma about your needs



  • Over 500 sq feet of modern and beautiful space

  • Spacious feel with carpets and plenty of natural light

  • Private, well maintained en-suite bathroom

  • Well equipped with padded folding chairs, back jacks, pillows and blankets

  • Amenities include a mini fridge, microwave, toaster oven and tea service

  • This is a scent free and shoe free space and we clean with organic products

to rent


Contact us to schedule a visit or to rent The Studio for your next meeting. Please review/download our Rental Agreement (PDF, 4 pages) as needed.

the studio 

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