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   The Foundations of REACHING & HOLDING class is a wonderful way to step into the next level of your own personal healing.


The Holding skills you will gain:

~  How to come into a deep level of para-sympathetic calm that fosters a loving, compassionate presence.

~  How to connect to and call in the resources that are ideal for the person you are Holding for.

~  You will learn how to use your imagination and felt sense to create a sacred space to Hold space for your partner.

~  The skills to build and co-create an altar as a class and to access it as a collective resource.  



The Reaching skills you will gain:

~  How to connect to your need and overwhelm so you can finally allow your body to Reach for comfort to a safe person.

~  You will have an opportunity to stay present in you core and feel any emotions that are caught in your system.  Giving you time to feel your vulnerability and release the energy that is stuck in your field.

~  How to allow someone to Hold space for you when you are in any state of need or emotion.

~  How to feel a deeper connection to your personal resources and lineages so you can allow them to support your life, path and purpose. 

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