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Engage Your Energy Wisdom

 Resonant Core Wisdom with  Norma Ramos-Ott

      Engage your energy wisdom is the launching point of starting energy classes with Norma, 

The beginning of this journey is an exciting time.  You will spend two years discovering who you are.  Through ceremony, meditations and practices you will have a unique opportunity to figure out ways to access your ground, attend to your fibers, fill your core and expand out to your boundary edge.  

To start, we will weave a class matrix that will hold your collective aligned intentions.

This class focuses on gaining clarity of Self and exploring what that means.  Because we are all unique, it will present differently for each student.  Through practical applications this course can help you consciously claim and put into action, the information and skills that you need to have a solid understanding how you are a distinctly sacred human.  

As a class we will practice creating resourced containers that support your alignment and your bodies.  The intentions are:  How to perceive energy and develop your felt sense.  Understand how energy works and how to increase the capacity for energy in your own system. 

You will develop your natural talents, skills and abilities to be at choice and to consciously empower yourself, life and others.  This is an invitation and a unique opportunity for exploring how you naturally use your energy body.  Come expand, learn and practice in a safe and sacredly held container.

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