A Tool Kit for Transformation
with Lynda Caesara


Understanding Personal Energy is a 2 year basics program for:

Increasing your Energetic Awareness, Capacity and Competency. After participating in this class, you will:

  • Have an increased awareness of the energy in your body and in your environment.

  • Have more control of your personal energy.

  • Increase your capacity for energy.


More specifically, this class will increase your awareness of how you use energy, where you block energy and free the areas in your body that you are unable to access energetically. You will learn how to perceive fields of energy and how your personal energy influences others. Finally, you will develop an understanding of how your energy pattern can impede your higher self.


You will receive the foundation basics of energy safety and energy manners so that you can go into any situation/study/practice and be safe. William Reich’s energy pattern material (part of prerequisite reading) will provide a structure for this exploration and focus will be placed on the lower chakras before moving on to upper level work.

You will learn how to stay within your body and how to inhabit your core sense of self.



This class should not be your introduction to personal growth. It will evoke change, and you need to be comfortable with process work and have a basic understanding of yourself.  Since there is limited individual attention, you may also find it helpful to have your own personal  health professional available to help you integrate the changes that result from being held within this energetic matrix.


You will be expected to read the following before you join the program: 

  • Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith

  • Hands of Light (Chapter 12,13) by Barbara Brennan

  • Light Emerging (Chapter 15) by Barbara Brennan

  • Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

  • Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine


Monthly books will be assigned during the program.































The instructor will establish and maintain a ceremonial field, referred to as Energetic Matrix with members of the class. When you put together a ceremonial field with intention, you change. For that reason you will experience what it is like to be in an energetic field with intention. Although you will attend class once a month, the matrix is maintained through out the entire twenty four months of the course and life will become an expression of the challenges and changes that arise as you achieve greater capacity for energetic flow. Each group varies, as each class is different. It is the composite of intention that accomplishes the specific goals of each class, depending on the intentions each individual contributes to the matrix.

Instructional methods are one third cognitive and two-thirds experiential.



The two year class will cost $3600 payable in a  monthly fee of  $150 , and will meet for a full day once per month September through August for two years (The first year usually on a Friday and the second year usually on a Thursday). Since each individual is held in the energetic matrix throughout the twenty-four month class period, it is extremely important that you attend each class. If your absence is un- avoidable, you are still responsible for the monthly fee of $150.

This class is taught in North Berkeley, California. The location is accessible (near North Berkeley BART station) and close to a variety of restaurants for lunch . Plenty of street parking is available nearby. The space is not wheelchair accessible.



This program gets filled almost 6 months in advance. To register for the next available session, please contact Lynda Caesara at (510) 848-8360 or lcaesara@hotmail.com. Once accepted, you will pay a non-refundable deposit of $150 to hold your place.


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