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praises for norma

~ Norma has been a teacher, holder, and body worker for me. She has a wide range of abilities     from practical to ephemeral but mostly has an innate ability to connect with all in a kind,             direct, and open manner. I appreciate her more and more every year as she beautifully                 templates stepping into her own power.


~ Norma offers a supportive, compassionate space and deep presence that makes it feel               safe to reveal anything.  She has an uncanny ability to know when a student needs loving           attention, straightforward feedback or room to find their own answers to get to the next level.


~ Norma holds an exquisite, tender and true space to learn, explore and become more of               who we are at our deepest and highest self.


~ Norma is a fantastic teacher and I am learning so much about ground.  I never really got it           before she showed me what it is.  She has a great ability to find each person’s frequency             and offers a wonderful blend of wisdom and humor.  


~ Norma's Classes have far surpassed my expectation.  In some uncanny way, each session           has given me tools to comprehend and address issues that I was facing at that particular             moment in time. 

~ I am so grateful for my energy teacher Norma Ramos-Ott. She empowers her students more     than anyone else I know and inspires people to embrace possibilities while expanding their         skills.  I am impressed with her patience, clarity, and loving heart.  She knows just how to             challenge you by inviting you deeper and loyally loving you with a joyful heart.


~ I have been studying with Norma for over a year and appreciate her masterful understanding     of energy, how to live in abundant possibility and to truly meet each person's needs in class.

~ In private sessions,  Norma is rock solid, able to hold even the most vulnerable and fragile           parts of me.  As a trauma survivors and intensity junkie, it takes someone truly special for me     to surrender and trust.  Norma has been a key part of supporting me to heal my wounded           inner child.


~ Norma believes deeply in the wisdom of the ancestors and listens on so many levels I am           awed by all she observes. Norma's insight clearly spans many lifetimes and in an                            understated way, she uses her shamanic skills to transform hearts and lives.

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